Red dry wine (alc. 13%). Harvest 2019. The total number of bottles of the harvest 2019  550 bottles.

Grape variety CABERNET SAUVIGNON. Plot of 1 hectare is situated in the Bolgradsky district, Odessa region. Productivity is 1.5 tons per hectare. Reducing the yield of grapes by 50%.

Cold maceration with combs for 10 days. Alcoholic fermentation in a stainless container using strain yeast. Malolactic oxidation in an oak barrel (225 l). Aged in an oak barrel for 12 months.

The total number of bottles of the 2019 harvest is 550 bottles of 0.75 liters.

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Tasting properties


Aromas of currants, blackberries, prunes and vanilla.


Balanced acidity, long pleasant aftertaste.

Gastronomic combinations

Goes well with meat dishes and aged cheeses.

About vineyards


All leased vineyards of 13 hectares are converted to organic matter (3 years), there is a separate plot of vineyards of 0.5 hectares in the Kyiv region of the village of Lisnyky, which is cultivated by biodynamics, but these wines are not available for free sale. They can only be tried at wineries. All wines are not treated with chemicals, are not filtered, white wines are clarified naturally in an oak barrel.All wines are limited in quantity - each bottle has a number.