Dear customers!

For the period of introduction of the red quarantine zone, our store accepts orders from Monday to Friday. 

Orders are sent every Tuesday and every Thursday.

Thank you for understanding!

Igor Petrenko


Ancestor of the Winery Biologist.

Commissarov Andrew

legal/technical issues BIOLOGIST

Co-founder of winery Biologist.

Yolkin Evgeny

Assistant Winemaker BIOLOGIST

Viticulturist Biologist.

Maria Skorchenko

Just Ferment It Consultant Oenologist BIOLOGIST

Winery consultant Biologist.

Nikolai Poddubsky

Viticulturist BIOLOGIST

Winemaker of the winery Biologist.

Oleg Fesai

Sales Representative BIOLOGIST

The sales representative of the winery Biologist.