You can visit the BIOLOGIST winery near Kyev by appointment. Please agree on a date at least 2-3 days in advance. We accept groups of 2-4 people. The cost is UAH 4,500 per person. Questions and registration by phone 050 050 12 07.

A trip to the BIOLOGIST winery is not just another wine tour. This is an opportunity to literally visit the home of a winemaker, get acquainted with the production and philosophy of Biologist, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of creating wine, have a great time in nature.

What is included in the cost of the visit?

  • Visiting the winery, which is actually located at the home of winemaker Igor Petrenko, as such. You will be hosted by the owner, who has been importing and exporting wine for 25 years and winemaking for about 10. Knowing everything about wine, including its best world samples, he will become your ideal guide to the world of this legendary drink. Get ready to spend at least half a day – 5-6 hours – at the Biologist. It will be interesting!
  • Excursion to the vineyards planted by the terrace method in the protected tract Kirikove. Currently available Biologist wines are made from grapes grown in the south – in the Odessa region. But you will be able to see experimental plots that may provide yields for wines in the near future. The vineyards, as well as the winery in general, are very picturesque – you will want to take a lot of photos and videos here.
  • Interesting stories from Igor Petrenko about the features of natural, organic and biodynamic winemaking – to which, in fact, goes Biologist. What is “natural wine” which is so fashionable today? What is another trendy thing – orange wines? Why do the adepts of biodynamical winemaking bury horns in the ground and what they do with them then? You are going to make numerous interesting discoveries!
  • Lunch with a gastronomic selection of dishes for Biologist wines presented at the tasting. The host will bake meat or fish of your choice in his own open oven. There will also be great cheeses, seasonal vegetables and fruits on the table – everything that goes best with wines.
  • Specially for you Igor Petrenko will uncork a bottle of cool aged (50-60 years old) Barolo or Barbaresco from his own wine collection – for maximum enjoyment of the noble drink. And also for you to be able to compare and be convinced: great wines may be produced in Ukraine, too!
  • A bottle of Biologist wine to choose from as a gift for each guest – so you can save and continue the memories of the wonderful day.