Our wine tasting sets

Our wine tasting sets are perfect for any occasion!

Tasting set: "I do not drink, I taste"






And, really, drinking and tasting are completely different concepts. And even more so in the summer, when there is such a heat. How not to please yourself with wines from a 4-color set with a comic title “I don't drink, I taste”.

Having bought a set, you can fully conduct your personal tasting and feel like a sommelier. Invite your friends for this experience, or go with the whole family to the water, and taste a whole palette of flavors of natural unfiltered craft wines:

White fragrant field and very silk "ALIGOTE".

Pink strawberry, with the aroma of honey melon "ROSE "

Orange truffle with aromas of dried fruits, pepper and mimosa "RKATSITELI ORANGE"

Red harmonious cherry, raspberry and slightly violet "PINO NUAR"

Absolute summer in every glass of this set - bright aromas, frkut notes.

Tasting set: 100% FOR ALL OCCASIONS!






For all occasions for a special occasion or without, for every taste and for a variety of dishes, we have prepared an ideal set of 4 wines.

Dry white "RKATSITELI" for fish, young cheeses and green salads - fresh, aromatic, and festive in summer.

Pink "ROSE PINO " with the aroma of strawberries, honey melon and rose - deep and sincere for sincere gatherings and meetings with barbecue, pizza, mushrooms.

RKATSITELI ORANGE with the aroma of dried fruits, truffles, pepper, mimosa and pear - dense, versatile and expressive will support any dish or snack on a picnic, on trips, at tastings, feasts and romantic evenings.

Red dry MERLOT with tones of dried fruit cherry - with a long vanilla aftertaste to warm salads, grilled vegetables, meat, steaks and even pasta - for busy days and deep evenings.

Treat yourself to 100% perfect occasions with Biologist craft wines.

Tasting set: "Double Tribble"

Tasting set "Double Tribble", which contains 2 + 3 bottles takes its name from the comedy "On the Sea ..." ... when the main characters ordered cocktails.

And, really, what else is needed on a hot summer day?

Notes of duchess white CHARDONNAY,

Delicate golden with the aroma of tropical fruits RKATSITELI and

Pink strawberry melon ROSE. ⠀

Well, on a cool evening berry with the aroma of mulberry and smoke, autochthonous ODESSA BLACK or multifaceted with hints of vanilla and dried fruit MERLO.

2 + 3 set, which will reveal a full set of taste palette for a fun company, sincere gatherings, themed evenings, bright holidays, easy walks and just summer days!

All wines are organic and as natural as possible, unfiltered, handmade, aged in oak barrels and limited.

You can order online biologist.com.ua

And you can also save 10% on sets than if you buy these wines by 1 bottle.