About wine for UWINE

Recently, we talked  to the Ukrainian Wine Portal of UWINE  about how  Ukrainian winemakers are living now, how they work  this difficult spring, how they sell their wines during quarantine ... " life in wineries continues, vines come to a stand after the warm winter, and winemakers and their teams do not stop working »writes the portal 

Owner of Biologist craft winery Igor Petrenko told about what is happening in wineries now:

“In short, there are now three people working in the vineyards and  production in Lisniki: Zhenya, Alexander and I (when I have the opportunity, because I manage several other business projects). The winery is located just next to our family home, so the  process and progress we see on a daily basis and have the opportunity to support one another in these difficult times. Most of their time, Zhenya and Alexander are dedicated to the preparation of the territory for the laying of new vineyards, the rest to the design and preparation of wines for sale. I prepare samples for analysis and promote online shopping. We are planning to bring new seedlings from Austria soon, I hope everything goes well. Meanwhile, in Odessa region, our viticulturist Dmitry carefully studies the literature on organic cultivation of vineyards. Before the start of the hard quarantine, we managed to hold some tastings for individuals and restaurateurs, but now we do not accept guests - tastings are postponed until better, "post-quarantine" times.

Although we are waiting with hope and optimism when the quarantine is over and we will all be happy again. In the meantime, we are working on immunity because it is the key to health. And we advise you to be healthy! ”